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Klips by Lauren

Goodbye Claw, Hello Klip!

Behind the Klip

The Kudu Klip is an exclusive, handmade hair accessory that is worn all over the world. We have several designs to choose from, and can create custom pieces as well. These clips are comfortable, stylish, and functional for all types of hair and occasions. Kudu Klips are perfect to wear to the beach, the gym, work, or even as elegant as a wedding.  Not to mention, they are very user-friendly.


Why Choose Kudu Klip?

Each Kudu Klip is uniquely handmade

Unlike the claw clip, the Kudu Klip fits flush and comfortably against your head

Kudu Klips are perfect for any occasion

Kudu Klips are easy to use and work with all hair types

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